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About us

An innovative designer and value adder of motion devices and systems

Anthony Innovations brings over 65 years of experience in the development of new hardware solutions. We specialise in the design and manufacture of rollers that move large door and window panels for high-spec residential and commercial applications.

We apply our industry expertise and the latest technologies, to develop new rollers that make doors and windows move effortlessly. Our team of product and sales engineers help OEM’s, systems distributors and fabricators of doors and windows globally to solve problems and in so doing, to stay ahead of their competitors.

Company Values

Anthony Innovations values a pro-active, customer-needs focused approach emphasising the niche end of the product spectrum.
  • 0.0 Core values
    Supporting values
  • 0.1 Trustworthiness
    Tell the truth / be fair / be honest / be open / use an appropriate level of confidentiality / give feedback
  • 0.2 Enjoyment
    Have fun / celebrate success / enjoy the rewards and satisfaction / be passionate about what you do
  • 0.3 Reliability
    Do what you say you will do / do it when you say you will do it
  • 0.4 Responsibility
    Care for our environment / support our people / treat others as you would like to be treated
  • 0.5 Innovation
    Initiate new and better ways / encourage everyone to contribute / change things for the better

Commitment to the Environment

At Anthony Innovations we make decisions with care for the environment in mind. It is a responsibility we take seriously and it is therefore part of our attitude and our culture. We go beyond complying with the environmental legislation relevant to our industry and proactively act to reduce waste.

We recycle plastic waste and have consistently made progress in eliminating waste across the entire company by reducing the use of paper, being energy efficient and by sourcing materials in a sustainable manner.

Our focus on customer needs also means that we use lean manufacturing processes. This adds value for the customer while reducing unnecessary transport, travel, over-processing and overproduction.

Additionally, our products are designed for longevity to provide an environmentally sustainable solution to the building industry. We also choose to only work with partners who have a similar environmental ethos so we can jointly reduce environmental impact.

Promising you reliability

We proudly maintain end-to-end control of the development and manufacturing process from our design team in Australia to our purpose-built factory in China.

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