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Sliding window rollers

As a sliding window roller supplier, Anthony Innovations caters for window panels that are used in high-end residential and commercial buildings. A roller designed to overcome rolling resistance is an essential window part that contributes to smooth system operation. For this reason, we are committed to developing window rollers that maximise operating performance no matter the system’s size.

The housing, wheels and other components of Anthony Innovations window rollers are available in various materials, including stainless steel, CNC engineered polymer, plastic or brass, making them applicable for various environments. This wide variety of material options allows systems designers to find exactly the product and material type they require for the sliding window they are developing.

Custom window rollers can also be designed to suit specific requirements. These rollers are functional, reliable and can be applied to wood, aluminium, PVC and steel frames. In the event of window roller replacement, Anthony Innovation’s rollers are made with ease of installation and practicality in mind.
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Sliding window rollers

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