Product Description

The KWIKFit Soft Closer is a first within the industry, giving consumers a perfect balance between safety, design, and functionality. This new product is a non-intrusive soft closing mechanism for screen doors. Fitting within the confines of the screen door frame, the Kwikfit Soft Closer is non-intrusive in that it largely can not be seen. The product has been designed to minimize the cut-out of the frame that can ultimately weaken the strength of the door. This product was designed with the ease of installation in mind, as it fits seamlessly into the screen door using standard punches with minimal fixing points. The product’s ability to latch the door three inches before the closing jamb and softly guide the door into a closed position minimizes the risk of injury, particularly of small children and pets. The patented product design is unique within the industry and caters to most screen doors weighing between 7lbs and 55lbs in a single product.

Standard models available with:

0.37″ adjustment range

Features and benefits

  • 0.0
    Glass fibre reinforced nylon housing ensures strength and durability.
  • 0.1
    Made from fully anti-corrosive materials ideal for both coastal and standard applications.
  • 0.2
    Reduced shock impact this product comes with a 7-year warranty and has been tested to 40,000 cycles.
  • 0.3
    Noise reduction and safety the soft close ensures it's quiet and prevents jammed fingers for children and improves safety for pets.

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