Western Windows Collaboration

LocationLocation: Arizona, USA
Products usedQUADZilla®

“The QUADZilla® Door Roller has enabled us to move some seriously large sliding door panels. It challenges the norm by reducing rolling resistance and satisfies the present demand for low-extrusion systems.”

Cameron Wyatt, VP of Design & Supply Chain, Western Windows Systems

The Problem

Faced with a similar challenge as our Darley Aluminium project, the client had large sliding door panels with a wide span. This resulted in having to maintain an unobtrusive panel frame width while at the same time dealing with high resistance from the seals and a large amount of weight from the heavy panels.

The Solution

Our QUADZilla® sliding door roller was a great solution as it features a 660lbs load capacity, precision bearing components for reduced noise when in operation and slick polymer wheels to reduce track wear. With an increased capacity within the same profile whilst maintaining operating force for the end user, our QUADZilla® sliding door roller was an obvious choice.

The Results

The client could now enjoy a fully functional entertainment area with smooth and functional openings, easily transitioning from interior to exterior throughout their entire property. And because our QUADZilla® sliding door roller retains its structural integrity after installation, it will maintain its superior durability in the long term.