8000 Series : A New Sliding Door Roller

May 3rd, 2019

Large sliding doors are ideal for letting in natural light and are increasing in popularity as an architectural feature. As the demand for large openings increases Anthony Innovations is committed to continued product development as well as industry evolution by providing the door and window industry with high performing door rollers. Anthony Innovations introduces its latest design 8000 Series roller which has a best in class load carrying capacity of 350lb per roller.

“The 8000 Series can move panels of up to 700lb in weight. Whilst our 7000 Series is ideal for panels of up to 450lb, the 8000 Series can be used to upgrade current systems allowing increased panel weight capacity and reduced force requirements when moving the panel”, says Adrian Jarvis, Senior Project Engineer at Anthony Innovations.

The 8000 Series takes over where Anthony Innovations’ 7000 Series left off. Carrying more weight than its predecessor and other products in its class, it features an increased adjustment range, therefore, allowing flexibility in system design and installation.

“The product is applicable for all types of systems and materials within its specified weight capacity. With the ability to customise mounting tabs and add spacers to the housing, the 8000 Series is adaptable which allows for design freedom. Precision bearings are standard across the entire range with options of CNC machined polymer or stainless steel tires. Complete stainless steel housing and componentry additionally making the 8000 Series perfect for all corrosive environments,” remarked David King, International Sales Manager.

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