Things to Consider Before Installing a Sliding Door

November 13th, 2019
kitchen setting with sliding door

Sliding doors are increasingly popular today, but there are a few items that need to be accounted for before you mount a sliding door. In order to make sure that your sliding door installation runs smoothly, this article aims to educate you about these considerations.

What type of sliding door is right for you?

  • The Hanging Sliding Door

By overlapping and almost folding into each other, these doors lean flat against the wall. When you choose this style of door make sure that there is room on one of the walls to allow the door’s width to sit against it.

  • The Two Pane Glass Sliding Door

The most popular sliding doors are the ones with curtain rods that run along the top and consists of two glass panels. They are more of the older, traditional type sliding door, where one door slides behind the other. Frequently found in areas of your kitchen and dining room. While these sliding doors are not as common today, they’re still an excellent and affordable option.

  • Hidden Sliding Door

These are perhaps the sleekest of all sliding door styles as they really enable you to bring the outside in at all times. These doors slide into wall pockets and are great for those who have little space or who want to make their space look great.

Where should you install your sliding doors

There are many areas you can install sliding doors, all depending on your living space and your desired result. We find hidden sliding doors to be great for those who want to save space. Once opened, standard hinged doors take up space, but having a hidden sliding door can help open space. Ideal for increasing the size of a smaller laundry or bathroom.

The other traditional spot for a sliding door is the entrance that leads from inside your home to your outdoor space, and either of the above types of doors will work. If you’re entertaining at home or have children who enjoy being out in the backyard all day long, then a sliding door is a great choice. It doesn’t just look great, but it helps you to bring a lot of natural light into the home.

Please remember to make sure you use shatterproof glass for your sliding doors if you have children with a lot of energy.

What size sliding door do you need?

Sliding doors have many pre-made styles but they can also be custom made. It all depends on the room size and ability for either of the above styles of doors. They all have their own requirements, so we suggest that you measure twice and choose the types of doors that are best suited to your location.

Remember that you may need heavy duty roller doors depending on the glass. This is something that is more widely used in businesses or in architecturally built homes, however large glass panes can be heavy, so heavy duty door rollers are needed to make such doors functional.

What door material should you consider?

When most people think of sliding doors they think of glass immediately, this is due to the advantage of glass sliding doors, but this is not always the case, sliding doors can come in many different material combinations of style and materials. Sliding barn doors are also what’s becoming quite popular with the New York Loft trend. Making these a feature where they roll in front of the wall and act more as a piece of art as opposed to a door.

Aside from glass all of the below come in many colors to match your decor and style.

  • Glass
  • Wooden
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Maintaining your sliding door

Sliding doors are awesome and some maintenance will be required from time to time as with any door. Just something to consider before installing your sliding door, although this is not a daily or weekly job.

If your sliding door is outside, you will need to make sure that the frame is free of dust and dirt as over time this will cause the sliding door to not move as easily as when it was first installed. So, a couple of times a year you should give it a clean. This can be cleaned via a vacuum and wipe of the door hardware, please make sure you clean the carriage of the wheel to make sure that your door can slide easily.

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