Top 6 Sliding Door Design Ideas

March 5th, 2020
sliding door in a living room

Recent door trends indicate that homeowners are leaning towards sliding doors. According to a study, the sliding door industry is expected to grow by four percent. This is because customers are looking to install expansive and big doors in the exterior and interior part of their homes.

1. Sliding Door Wheels

If you are looking for functionality and durability, then it is hard to find a better design choice than sliding door wheels. These types of doors have two or four wheels and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. To maximise natural light and outdoor views, you can go for different varieties such as sill-mounted rollers; these are easy to replace. There are also the rail-mounted rollers which work great in environments that contain a great deal of contamination and debris. Other varieties include security door rollers.

2. Bypass Sliding Doors

These doors consist of fixed panels, hung adjacently to each other. It has tracks positioned below and above the frame of the door. These doors are suited for closet doors or to divide two living spaces for privacy purposes. They are also used for showers in bathrooms. The most popular type of bypass doors come in the wooden style.

3. Pocket Sliding Doors

These doors are convenient as they disappear into the wall. They don’t come with hinges and have a single panel. It slides straight into a wall space whenever you open it. This is ideal for those who don’t have much space to accommodate sliding doors. These doors are often used for bedrooms, pantries, and closets.

4. Bi-Fold Door

These doors are mostly used in pantries. When you open it, they slide to one side which compacts both halves of the door against each other. However, this door is not recommended for homeowners who are low on space. On the contrary, if you are looking for high-end style, then the aesthetic offered by these bi-fold doors is second to none.

5. Patio Sliding Doors

When it comes to the homes in the US, you can always find a sliding door leading to a patio. If you have a beautiful patio area, then we highly recommend considering one of these sliding doors. These doors often come with a fixed door panel and a sliding door, which serves as the entrance. Mostly, they are made of thick glass panels so people can get a good outside view.

6. Sliding Shoji Doors

In recent times, the Japanese culture has earned mainstream adoption in the West. If it interests you too, then you can go for the Shoji door—the Japanese variant of sliding doors. These are made of paper and water and augment your home with a terrific visual aesthetic. Moreover, they work similar to other types of sliding doors so you will find them easy to use. However, since they are made of paper, you will have to be careful around them. While the frame is sturdy, the paper itself is quite vulnerable.

This article has hopefully given you an idea about the latest trends in sliding doors and the types of rollers used in such designs.

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