What to look for when choosing a sliding door design

March 5th, 2020
sliding doors to outside

Gone are the days where doors were an afterthought. Choosing the right door is super important as it can really change the way your design looks and most importantly the flow of your house.

Your doors serve two purposes, aesthetics and protection. Both are very important and need to be factored in when choosing the door you want.

A third factor has crept in, and for good reason! That factor is energy-efficiency. On top of adding value to your home and protecting it from both natural and human elements, doors also need to minimise the use of artificial sources of energy, particularly, light.

So from an aesthetic point of view, (and yes we might be biased), we believe sliding doors allow for the outside to come in with ease, which is perfect for those who love to entertain. Opening up your doors can be stunning, and even when closed, having that natural light come through can be quite special.

Protection is one of the most common questions we get asked about. Are rolling doors safe? Will they protect the home? The short answer is yes, but you will need to make sure that you are getting thick glass that offers high impact resistance like tempered glass, double-laminated glass or polycarbonate glass. We would also advise that you put in place (as you would on all doors) an internal locking system.

When choosing sliding doors, a small step not to miss are the sliding door rollers or sliding door wheels. You want to make sure that when installing a sliding door that it easily moves as required. Having quality sliding door wheels or sliding door rollers will ensure that when you want to open up, it can be done with ease and you don’t need to be The Hulk to open your doors. Be sure to choose the right sliding glass door roller for your home.

From an energy efficiency point of view, your doors definitely play a role these days. Look for the energy star rating on your door. The higher the rating the better, as it will help to conserve heat in the cooler months and also reflect heat as required in the warmer months. Low e-glass is a glass we would recommend. Low-E is a transparent window coating designed to minimize the penetration of Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared light while allowing the passage of visible light.

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