A winner on the track against rolling resistance – March 2018

October 24th, 2018

To serve the aspiring requirements of Australian window and door manufacturers the TraXtar™ door roller is designed with three main functional criteria in mind. Each roller carries a load capacity of 150kg, making it possible for systems distributors and manufacturers to build panels weighing up to 300kg. It fits within existing rail envelopes, making upgrades easy and can reduce rolling resistance by up to 35%, based on the latest testing data.

“The inspiration for TraXtar™ came from listening to customers’ and partners’ concerns on rolling resistance and load carrying capacity,” said Ben Anthony, Managing Director at the Anthony Innovations head office in Melbourne. “Excessive resistive force in many sliding doors is a common complaint from the market. Door panels are becoming larger, double glazing more prevalent and seals are being applied to larger surface areas. This increases the weight these rollers have to support and brings with it the challenge of increased rolling resistance which was not being adequately satisfied by other rollers in the market until now.”

TraXtar™ was developed in collaboration with some of Anthony Innovations’ major partners including Alspec, Capral, Darley and G James. “We use the world’s leading finite element analysis software to test & refine multiple variants in a virtual environment before physical testing of prototypes begins,” said Mark Lance, Engineering Manager at Anthony Innovations. “Involving our key partners in the specification and evaluation of new designs, and responding to their feedback, is a critical part of our development process. In response to their challenge, TraXtar™ combines exceptionally low operating efforts, high impact strength and extended lifecycle performance.”

Resistive force testing conducted showed that this roller is twice as efficient as other rollers on the market. The result is a roller that improves door and window systems, and gives system manufacturers and architects the confidence to overcome designs and specification limitations imposed by rolling resistance.

Anthony Innovations partners in the US were also valuable in providing insight into the production of TraXtar™ for the Australian market. “In the US we have collaborated with customers, actively making them part of the solution process,” said David King, Export Manager for Anthony Innovations. “This has increased our speed-to-market and we applied the same formula for the development of the TraXtar™.”

Testament to their work in the US, Anthony Innovations were awarded the National Association of Home Builders Global Award for Innovation in January 2018. The award recognises businesses with the most cutting-edge and advanced product offerings based on their innovation, functionality and good design.

The design and engineering team in Australia, has worked closely with the production team at the Anthony Innovations purpose-built manufacturing plant in China. Here they commissioned tooling, assembly equipment and production, which were carried out to the same standard procedures used in Melbourne, including ISO accreditation.

TraXtar™ fits most generic systems but the engineering team will work with customers for specific needs. Contact Anthony Innovations on +61 (0)39460 1166 or TraXtar@anthonygroup.net for orders or to discuss any specific requirements.

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