The Best Places In Your Home To Install A Sliding Door

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April 27th, 2020

If you have the luxury of installing sliding doors in your home, count yourself lucky. The beautiful design and functionality that comes with converting your screen doors into sliding doors is a luxury worth investing in. The glass panels work to brighten your room, as they allow more natural light to come through and create a flow between two spaces without the clunkiness of a swinging door.

Sliding doors are the perfect solution for creating more space in your home and are the desired choice for interior doors, such as those found in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.


If your bathroom is on the smaller side, or if you simply desire more space, then by choosing a sliding door design your bathroom will instantly feel more open.

Installing sliding doors allows you to expand your options for more cabinet space and fittings in your bathroom, increasing functionality as you won’t need to account for the room that an opening door inhibits. Opaque glass on your door allows natural light to flood in from adjacent rooms in your house, without putting limitations on your privacy.


Separating bedrooms with sliding doors allows for more space, as you won’t need to allow room for the door opening and closing, as it just slides laterally on a hinge. For families with young children, the option to keep both children in one bedroom while converting the other into a playroom is the perfect solution for keeping the kids entertained while allowing them to have their own space.

Another great use for sliding doors is the replacement of your traditional open-and-close wardrobe doors. There are an abundance of designs to choose from and rollers, such as our KWIKrobe wardrobe roller, making it the perfect feature piece to liven up your bedroom. Also, as stated above, this creates more space for you to store your belongings, with less limitations.

Living Room

If you have a house with a great outdoor view, then maximising on this by installing sliding doors looking out to your backyard should definitely be considered in your future plans. It will add great value to your home and allow the outside and inside world to coexist, creating a wonderful presence.

Glass sliding doors allow for natural light to flood in. This not only cuts down the cost of your electricity, but is the most powerful light you can bring into your home – brightening up your space with ease and allowing warmth to seep in. Perfect for those cozy days on the couch!

Rollers for larger sliding doors, such as our QUADZilla® sliding door roller, are ideal for homes with very large sliding door panels as they can evenly spread the load across the tracks when in operation. Check out our Western Windows collaboration to learn more information.


Sliding doors give you the opportunity to separate one area of the house from another, much like the space between your kitchen and the lounge room. This is a perfect solution for creating more flexibility for both children and parents wanting to have their own space to entertain friends or escape to, without interruption from the rest of the family.


Sliding doors are a great addition to any home, providing many benefits such as maximising smaller spaces, letting in more natural lighting and many more. To learn more about these benefits, read our blog about the 5 benefits of using internal sliding doors.

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